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To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Our willingness to take bold risks, community connection, and distinct designs communicate, "Business, Not Bullets"--flipping the view on how wars are won. Through persistence, respect, and creativity, we empower the mindful consumer to manufacture peace through trade.




Each day brings tragic events. Decades of radicalism fueled by ignorance create indifference and helplessness. The cycle of violence and injustice continues. As humans, we should have figured this out by now. Can it change?We felt the same way too.  Asked the same question.  As business leaders, we listened to the rhetoric, and saw the hypocrisy.  As special operations veterans, we “defended our freedom,” and discovered the wars went against everything we hoped for. Through understanding and compassion, we found a new path forward--a mechanism of change.


Grow entrepreneurs in conflict areas.
Build Communities.
Fund women's education.


Buy a product made in a conflict zone.   
Join The Unarmed Forces.
Be a part of a community built on hope, passion, and strength.  Rebuild nations.  Create change.  Or keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.BE THE CHANGE.


JTAC Owned, WRMFZY quickly made their name known after organizing a raflle for the Pararescue Foundation in which they raised over $60K for the fallen USAF pararescue members families. WRMFZY's motto is "Outfitting The Unconventional" and they are delivering on that promise. 


"Sin Eaters Guild was born out of a desire to promote the veteran community and the mindset that sets us apart. Only through adversity can a person grow and we have embraced that fully. The experiences we have shared on operations around the globe whether positive or negative, cannot be bought or faked, only earned through hard work and suffering. Today many people are so disconnected from the hard realities of the World that they will never understand our community, or want to. No problem. We do this hard work because we are capable of it and so those incapable never have to. We should be proud but humble.This community has grown to include those non veterans who embrace our mindset. Whether they be first responders or civilians who understand that this dangerous and unfashionable work must be done. Regardless of background...  You Are Your Actions - You are Responsible for You"


ARES Clothing was established in 2015. Owned by two OEF/OIF combat veterans, ARES represents the Warfighter. 

"For the Violent Professional!"


Serving solely in Special Operations for twenty years gives you a unique outlook on life.  We’ve been tried and tested, but we didn’t break because sitting thirty seconds out from showtime we didn’t turn back.  Those experiences cultivate a mindset that strips away rank and replaces it with appreciation for character.  Past accomplishments aren’t today’s results, and waving yesterday’s flag doesn’t move you forward today. 

What does is not giving up the fight and pursuit of adventure.

It’s still there in our lives, it just looks different.  Yesterday it was exiting an aircraft at 0300 in far away lands, endorphins kicking in and stepping off the ramp, but today it’s charging towards a cliff to face that 100mph free fall of a base jump.  It’s skiing trees and chutes in our hometown.  It’s that moment reflexes take over, pushing aside the six foot face of a wave you’re staring down and replacing it with hands grabbing rails and feet meeting your board, jumping off cliffs in Switzerland, skiing powder or hunting Elk in the mountains of Idaho. You get the picture.

We’re here to bring together those that never lost that fight, or are finding it for the first time. We're stoked to be supporters of several charities that have made differences in our lives, as well as those from other branches of service and their units we fought alongside.


VICTORWRENCH is dedicated to all those using dirty hands to make clean money. The adventurers and outsiders. The lovers and fighters. The weirdos.

The patriot counterculture. 

Cheers to you my friends



What is Skull and Paddle?

-For The Brawler, The Wanderer, and The Drinker.

Skull and Paddle is an apparel company made up of 3 dudes who just love to live life. We all met in the Military while serving with/as Raiders and Recon Marines, and this company was born from it. Between the 3 of us we have traveled all over the world for fun and work. We wanted to make clothing that resonates with our life and many others who have the same values.  

Every product that is purchased on our website, we will take a small portion and donate it to a Veteran 501(c)(3) Charity of our choosing. It is very important to us that we contribute what we can to support those in need. 

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