The folks at Southern Pines Brewing Company take great pride in the culture of their organization, and they strive to uphold its guiding principles in every decision they make.  Our mission statement is, “Southern Pines Brewing Company is a craft brewery that produces the highest quality beer for our community in order to enhance the enjoyments of everyday life.”  Beer is communal by nature, and it is this social aspect of brewing that draws us to this amazing industry.  We hope that your day will be just a little bit better when paired with one of our craft beers.


We have laid out a number of values that are critical to Southern Pines Brewing Company, and we hope that these will seem apparent to you, whether you meet us in person, visit the taproom, or drink one of our beers at your favorite local establishment.

As we continue to grow Southern Pines Brewing Company, we will always look back to these principles to shape our future decisions.  Whether it’s hiring co-workers in the brewery or buying the next piece of equipment for our brewhouse, you can be assured that possessing a “cultural fit” is the most critical aspect of whom we are and where we want to go.

Longtab Brewing is the vision of a band of Special Forces (Green Berets) brothers that were lucky enough to travel the world spreading freedom for almost two decades.  Besides the mission at hand, the members of SFODA 2023 sought out local beer in whatever country was under their feet.  The love of beer still keeps the original team in touch on a daily basis.  

Many years later, the founder's wife purchased him a beer kit.  Of course, that kit failed to produce anything that even resembled beer (more like mole mixed with cough syrup), but through sheer determination and persistence the beer got better and better.  

After sharing a few bottles with old teammates (and lots of new ones!)...the idea of Longtab was born.  



Brendon Mahoney is founder of and co-owner of Crossfit San Mateo/Alpha Project Strength and Conditioning in San Mateo, CA.  After earning All American honors, competing in the 2004 Olympic Trials and winning multiple ACC titles, he joined the Nike Farm Team in Palo Alto, CA to train for the 2008 Olympic Trials.As a busy husband, father of three and owner of multiple businesses, staying healthy and being strong isn’t a choice. It’s a requirement.  Brendon currently serves in the Army National Guard as an 11B Infantryman with B4 ASI as a sniper.  He currently enjoys drinking Alpha Brew, bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and making awesome people in the Bay Area even more awesome.

Ricky Doyon is a former Marine who operated in worldwide in tactical intelligence and reconnaissance.  He first got into Crossfit while working with a bunch of SEAL's who challenged him to come try "Crossfit" with them in 2007.  He started to accumulate certifications in fitness and nutrition after seeing a lack of knowledge among military leaders in charge of physical fitness.  He has trained all levels of the military from admin personnel to Tier 1 Operators in SOCOM, as well professional MMA athletes to The Biggest Loser contestants.   He enjoys geeking out on anything from nutrition, mobility, coffee, cars, and movies.



Alex, the Founder, developed an appreciation for high quality coffee while deployed to remote locations around the world.  During the course of these trips, he discovered the complexity and amazing quality of locally grown coffees roasted at the point of origin. 

In 2013 he founded a coffee roasting company with the goals to provide outstanding, fresh roasted coffee to his supporters while in turn giving back to the Special Forces Community and primarily the Green Beret Foundation.

De Espresso Liber has developed into a business donating to multiple charity organizations along with honoring the Special Forces Regimental History.  The company donates to organizations including The Unquiet Professional Foundation, the Warrior Angel Foundation, the Special Forces Association, the Special Operations Association, The Night Stalker Association - West Chapter, The SSG Matthew Pucino Foundation, Special Operations Xcursions, Project Healing Waters and Iwacu Kazoza School in Burundi, Africa.


De Espresso Liber is driven by the SOF Truth - “Quality is Better Than Quantity!’

We source high quality, Arabica Coffees based on exceptional profiles and for being Fair Trade, Organic and / or  Rain Forest Alliance certified.

We roast in house, strictly on order and create all our custom blends.  The same high quality Arabica Coffees offered as Single Origin options are the only ingredients for our blends.

We research the organizations growing, harvesting and processing your coffee.  We focus on recognized coffee growers and cooperatives who support their workers, families and local communities.

Our values from years of military service translates into a quality product and team approach when you become part of our community.  Further, people are our purpose and our customer service reputation reflects the importance we place on those supporting us.

We deliver an outstanding experience of fresh roasted, high quality coffee, grown by responsible coffee growers with the final goal of supporting our military and special operations veterans.


From the Team at De Espresso Liber - Thank You!



The mission of FOB is to serve great beer to America’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and those who love them. House made craft beers and a unique environment representative of a military forward operating base in the Military community of DuPont.

There are photos of local heroes, unit memorabilia, sand bags and re-purposed military surplus items. The staff wears tactical clothing and is knowledgeable about the food, beer and military alike. There are large bright tables for groups and families as well as more private and smaller tables for those looking for a more intimate experience. FOB is a fun, warm, inviting interpretation of military facilities. 

Let’s not make this overly complicated; it’s great beer and good food. We look forward to serving you!



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