The Citadel is a unique campus where the institution has both non-military Cadets and Veteran students. The nation’s renewed focus on veteran welfare has ignited change on campuses and in congress. The Citadel's, Student Veterans Association (CSVA) is committed to capitalizing on this momentum to ensure today’s and tomorrow’s veterans are supported in their transition to
education and employment.
To provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in
higher education and following graduation.
All veterans will succeed in higher education, achieve their academic goals, and gain
meaningful employment.
Who Are We? WE ARE YOU:
We are Citadel Student Veterans earning an education post-military service, veterans have
completed from 1.5 years to retirement. We, in turn are driven to leave no veteran behind and no
stone left unturned.
The goal is to use funds to aid our expansion and to better aid transitioning future veterans
entering the campus. Funds will be used in a wide array of from;
● Emergency Funds. i.e. vets needing to pay bills, rent, books, parking fees, allocating
lodging for an overnight stay while visiting Charleston in order to tour the campus.
● Veterans Center: books, office supplies, stand-up desk, coffee, snacks.
● Suits and formal attire for interviews and events.
● Ring Funds for those in need.
● Too much to fit here honestly...
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