Grey Group Fitness / CrossFit Takedown is the heart and soul of Multiple Combat Veteran, Owner and  Head Coach Eric Y.  Eric slowed his Army Career in 2014 for combat related injuries after 17 years of service  and found himself training Contractor / LEO and MIL/SOF friends looking to always stay one step ahead. It evolved into helping as many people achieve their physical and mental goals through an environment that bred hard work, community and a never quit mindset. Eric has been training and using CrossFit  as well as Olympic lifting,Strongman and Martial Arts to reach his goals in Special Operations for almost 2 decades . Competing in the hardest arenas around the globe as well as on the home front, also having spent 7 years as a Full time City Police Officer in CA. The desire and need to teach as many people as he could that anything is possible through hard work and dedication evolved into Grey Group Fitness and its Affiliate CrossFit TakeDown.

The concept is simple. Push harder, both physically and mentally. Move to the front and take control of your goals and life. Being Healthy and Fit is different for everyone. Our bodies are different, but one thing stays the course and that’s training hard and being better than yesterday. Surround yourself with people who force you to become better and expect the best of you everyday. Nothing worth anything was achieved easily.




Crafted and led by special forces pros, each team includes a regimented training schedule, videos and instructions for each specific exercise or diet, and the ability to track your progress.

Use our Feed to ask questions or make comments about the team to the other members or trainers. You can even filter posts based on hashtags to find exactly what you’re looking for.
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