These foundations are vetted by many in our community. They are doing real work, to help real people. Click any of the logos for more information.

All Secure Foundation was born from the real life struggle Tom CSM (R) and Jen faced when he stepped away from a life of service after 25 years in the Army, 20 in the most elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force, and into a now unfamiliar civilian world. 


To provide resources for treatment to retired Special Operation veterans, their spouses and family, with vetted nonprofits, facilities, and individuals.

In 2019, ASF will host several workshop retreats for transitioning/retired Special Operation Combat Warriors and their spouses on marriage and redefining purpose post-service.

To engage retired or ETS combat veterans in volunteer projects to renew their commitment to service and promote community involvement. #NeverStopServing


The Green Beret Association provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Special Forces community and their families.


The Green Beret Association (GBA) is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, national non-profit that serves and supports members of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and their families. We provide a range of programs aligned with the United States Special Operations Command Preservation of the Force and Family Program, designed to address the “fraying” of the force after over 15 years of combat.  Our programs contribute to the maintenance of the mind and body, provide acute and ongoing support in resolving physical, psychological, emotional and relationship problems before they become chronic. During times of tragedy, the Green Beret Association provides immediate financial relief and offers counseling and services to those left behind and the Special Operations community.  The Green Beret Association also helps warriors transition from military service to civilian life by providing career counseling, support and mentorship.


Gold Star Teen Adventures (GSTA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to the children of our fallen special operations heroes. 

GSTA enables healing, fosters enduring relationships, and develops character and leadership skills through adventure experiences to the surviving youth of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Click their logo for more information.


The most important thing isn’t always what you do but why you chose to do it. We chose to create the Marine Raider Challenge to facilitate competition, camaraderie, and give back to the communities that we were so fortunate to have been a part of.

The Marine Raider Challenge is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Each year money we raise will go to a SOF charity of our choice. This year, we are honored to name the Marine Raider Foundation as the recipient of funds raised by our organization.

Each competitor will be able to raise money for a SOF charity of their choosing. 100% of the money raised by competitors will go to the charity they have selected.

To donate or see the campaigns from this year’s competitors please visit our Facebook page.

Also – please feel free to contact us with any questions at


 To Support the United States Special Operations Community through direct support to families of fallen operators, healing programs designed to combat the effects of PTS, TBI and loss of a loved one, and youth scholarships for children of active duty members of our community.


  • Altruism: Conduct business without personal gain. Motivated only by our mission and vision.
  • Transparency: All activities, events, and programs conducted in full public display; every aspect of each operation will be made available to the public.
  • Family Participation: Committed to including the families of our honored fallen; we will honor their loved one in the manner they deem most fitting.
  • Inclusion: Inclusion of family members, Special Operators, volunteers, vendors, supporters, and the general public is paramount to our success.
  • Humility: Remaining humble and true to each other, our roots, and our families.  Self reflection is a requirement.  Understanding and receiving constructive criticism will allow us to serve the community better each year.

The Duskin and Stephens Beef and Brew has become a staple in the Sandhills Community, an event that anyone familiar absolutely looks forward to every year.



Task Force Dagger Foundation provides assistance to wounded, ill, or injured US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) members and their families. We respond to urgent needs, conduct Rehabilitative Therapy Events, and provide next-generation health solutions for issues facing our service members.

We are a rally point to combat Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), and environmental exposures. Our cohesive programs enable families to seize the moment and live life. Click their logo for more information.



Mission Volant provides inspiration, training, and equipment for combat-wounded Veterans and underserved communities to learn an adventurous skill-set to use for life. For many individuals this solves the matter of relevancy, driving them to explore more and create diverse, enriched lives. 

Over the last year, Mission Volant has supported and enabled dozens of individuals to push personal and physical boundaries and explore avenues of life that they initially thought to be impossible. 


To facilitate a successful transition for Army Ranger veterans from active military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose. RLTW! 
The Darby Project is a network of networks that synchronizes the efforts of veteran support organizations to lead revolutionary transition services in order to CONNECT, EDUCATE & EMPOWER Ranger Veterans to lead the way in their communities. Click their logo for more information.

The Raider Project: Now in it's fourth year is a key GallantFew Program that remains focused on the US Marine Corps Combat Veteran. Raider Project provided over 300 services this past year to Marine veterans ranging from suicide prevention, drug addiction treatment, PTS therapy, as well as unconventional treatments for TBIs, employment assistance and financial aid. 
With our ambassadors, we are able to offer peer-to-peer counseling, veteran wilderness retreats, climbing retreats, and fishing trips, as well as community sports programs. To reduce overhead, Raider Project funds expenses through sales of tees and gear allowing 100% of donated funds to go directly to the mission.
We live the MOTTO. "Never above you, never below you, always beside you." We want to connect veterans to the resources they need to be healthy as well as the tools they need for their own success. Click their logo for more information.
GallantFew’s mission is to prevent veteran isolation by connecting new veterans with hometown veteran mentors, thereby facilitating a peaceful, successful transition from military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose.
We do this by creating and supporting a nationwide network of successfully transitioned veterans that engage locally with new veterans with the same military background now going through transition and by motivating communities all over the nation to take responsibility for veterans returning; welcoming, connecting, and including.
We believe this will prevent veteran unemployment, homelessness and suicide.
Click their logo for more information.
The Sua Sponte Foundation (SSF) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of a small group of veteran 1/75 Rangers and patriotic civilians. It was created in 2010 to provide assistance to the men and families of the 1st Ranger Battalion, part of the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment based at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. Our name, Sua Sponte—Latin for “of their own accord”—is the regimental motto of the 75th Ranger Regiment.With the support of donations from individuals and businesses, SSF provides:
  • Maintenance and care of the 1/75 Memorial site to the highest standard
  • Helping the men and families of 1/75 in times of crisis
  • Hosting and sponsoring events that serve to increase the morale and cohesiveness of both the men and families of 1/75
At SSF, we strive to mirror the values and work ethic of the warriors and families we serve. To that end, each of our Board Members, who each hold full time jobs in the civilian marketplace, freely give a considerable amount of their personal time and expertise to the organization. They seek no compensation, recognition, or attention for the work they perform. Their sole focus is to create and maintain an organization that is flexible enough to provide immediate and meaningful assistance to the men and families of the 1st Battalion.


The Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical relief to communities in conflict zones around the world, while also developing sustainable long-term medical solutions for their healthcare needs.  By educating and training indigenous medical personnel in the latest standards of care, GSMSG hopes to build the foundation for a lasting self-sufficient healthcare system. 

GSMSG provides all of these services and more regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or creed and is free of cost to those receiving our support.

GSMSG is currently active in Iraq, where millions of men, women, and children have taken refuge since fleeing their native homes following the invasion of ISIS. Many have suffered life- threatening illnesses, torture and injuries. The local healthcare system is overwhelmed and under-resourced, leaving a backlog of patients in desperate need of care. 
For the last three years, GSMSG has been the only full-spectrum provider of medical care and training, ranging from combat medicine to cardiothoracic surgery.  We have sent teams of doctors, surgeons, and medics from the US, UK, Norway, Canada, and Australia to work alongside and train local medical personnel in Iraq and to provide much-needed medical relief to their local and refugee populations. While there, our teams have trained over 1000 local doctors, surgeons and medics on the best practices and the highest standard of care. By providing local medical personnel with the tools, training, and the infrastructure necessary to administer effective medical relief, GSMSG is helping to build the foundation for lasting self-sufficient healthcare system. 


+100 surgeons and surgical professionals trained, +150 medical doctors and diagnostic specialists trained, +750 combat medics trained, +$8,900,000 worth of surgical services provided, +$2,122,500 worth of medical education provided, +$1,000,000 worth of medical and surgical supplies donated.


We use and display the relentless spirit of the American adaptive athlete to promote and instill, in ALL Americans, a fundamental belief that athletics, camaraderie and competition organically grow a sense of confidence, independence and purpose. 


Team Some Assembly Required (SAR) is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization founded by veterans and comprised of veteran and civilian adaptive athletes and their supporters whom are dedicated to the growth and expansion of competitive adaptive sports across multiple disciplines. Founded by Dale King and Derick Carver, former US Army officers, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


Eric S. Linder, RMP, FAWM (Aka: Hammer) is founder and chairman of Team 5.

Based on his vast military and international experience, Eric had a vision in 2010 to build a foundation that had no political or religious affiliation. A foundation that would do the right thing without any strings attached. To that end, he created Team 5.  It is now considered the most extreme medical foundation in existence.  Today, Team 5 takes great pride in bringing critically-needed medical relief to remote locations and indigenous populations around the world. The foundation’s motto, “In order to be involved, you must first show up” embodies the Team’s commitment to brave extraordinary situations to provide medical care to vulnerable populations around the world.  In a testament to the value of Team-5’s outstanding work, the World Health Organization has officially certified Team 5 Foundation to support international healthcare efforts led by the organization.



The photo above sums these guys up, click it to learn more or get involved.





The Marine Raider Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides benevolent support to active duty and medically retired MARSOC Raiders and their families, as well as to the families of Raiders who have lost their lives in service to our Nation. Since standing up in May of 2012, the Marine Raider Foundation has provided over $2.1 million in support to MARSOC Marines, Sailors and their families. The Foundation aims to meet needs unmet by the government with an emphasis on building personal and family resiliency and supporting the full reintegration of MARSOC personnel following wounds, injuries and extended deployments.

The Marine Raider Foundation’s four main programs are: · Raider Support, including transition assistance, funding for award ceremonies and receptions, and funding for events that focus on personal and professional resiliency; · Family Resiliency Support, including assisting Raider families experiencing health and welfare challenges and with events that enhance personal and family resiliency; · Tragedy Assistance & Survivor Support, including assistance for wounded, ill and injured Raiders, Gold Star Families and funeral services and commemorations for MARSOC personnel; · Raider Legacy & Preservation Support, including construction and upkeep of memorial structures and commemorative items, as well as funding for events that commemorate WWII and MARSOC Raiders.

  • Assisting MARSOC personnel who are injured or wounded in combat, contingency operations, or training with special needs by funding advanced rehabilitation, operational health and performance programs and equipment, and advanced vocational training

  • Assisting the families of MARSOC personnel dealing with health and welfare challenges
  • Honoring those who have fallen by supporting funeral services and commemorations for MARSOC personnel, travel costs to funeral services and commemorations not covered by the Department of Defense, and construction and upkeep of memorials
  • Supporting programs and activities that enhance resiliency for the service member and family, including support during the transition process and with reintegration following combat and contingency operations



    The TASKDEV is a Nonprofit Organization, established in June 2018, with the Washington Secretary of State. It consists of 4 separate programs that are referred to as “teams” for ease of understanding. Each team has a unique mission and is based on 4 common interests of the military, and veteran service member.

    Jump / Climb / Gun / Dive

    Within the teams we have sponsored Team Members that train consistently in their specific areas of interest to host awesome free events for the Veteran and Civilian supporter community.

    We provide an outlet for those that are currently serving, that have already transitioned, or civilian supporters to link up for events put on by our teams. The events are a great way for those that are missing the aspect of camaraderie or a sense of purpose from their lives once they transitioned out of service.


    In July 2016, 4 teammates from AFSOC met at Skydive Kapowsin, in Shelton WA to jump together. They made the first jump while wearing Ares Clothing T-Shirts and was utilized as a marketing opportunity for the company. With the positive response from the supporters of Ares the idea was conceptualized to create an Ares Jump Team logo and use the proceeds from the sale of shirts featuring the design to fund and sponsor the founding members. Following the successful launch of their first shirt he team decided to get more involved by creating an actual team with a structure, training requirements, and began recruiting other members.

    With the positive response from the public, the decision was made to add on other teams from within the SOCOM Community.

    Team 1 was in the Pacific North West headquartered in Olympia, WA at Ares HQ. Team 2 was created when a founding member moved to Clovis, NM due to military service. Team 3 was located in Fayetteville, NC and consisted solely of Special Forces Operators.





    Special Operations Warrior Foundation supports America’s Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Special Operations personnel through two programs:

    (1) Ensuring full financial assistance for post-secondary education from an accredited two or four-year college, university, technical or trade school, as well as educational counseling, preschool grants, and tutoring to the surviving children of Special Operations personnel who lose their lives in the line-of-duty and;

    (2) Providing immediate financial grants to severely combat-wounded and hospitalized Special Operations personnel and their families.  

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