Since 1998, FUSION has designed and manufactured a diverse range of fall protection and safety solutions for the industrial, outdoor sports and adventures, construction, rigging, zip line and commercial OEM industry. In 2005, FUSION expanded its reach and expertise to include Law Enforcement and the U.S. Armed Forces with Fusion Tactical. For over 18 years, our customers have relied on FUSION for custom-sewn safety products that meet their precise specifications, production needs & quality standards. FUSION’s in-house designers and engineers assist customers with hardware parts and research & development with the latest technology in design and 3D modeling programs. Our Tactical line is durable, strong and MIL-SPEC to stringent standards, yet affordable and practical for the everyday civilian. We provide patented buckles for various brands and government agencies and our buckles comply with ANSI ratings and include 3rd party testing certifications.

We continuously strive to improve our existing product lines and work to develop new products that not only meet, but exceed the safety standards set by the UIAACE and ANSI. Affordable and practical, our belts and harnesses are hand-made right here in Chino, California. In addition to our own in-house testing procedures, we also use 3rd party testing facilities such as John Batchelor, Midwest Testing and Exvo OCM Test Laboratories.

Because our belts and harnesses are fully designed and manufactured in our Southern California Facility, we can customize virtually any combination of buckles, colors, widths, sizes, etc. to fit your needs. Be sure to contact us for more information on customizations!


Undoubtedly the best one stop shop for any upcoming deployment or range event. O P Tactical Inc. is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran owned small business, owned by a Retired Special Forces Veteran (MOSC 11B, 18B, 18F, 18Z).


Our Mission:

Provide the best gear, and customer service.

OPT only sells gear that has been tested and sworn to by the end user; only superior gear is sold here.

If you have any questions about what kind of gear you should use for your loadout or mission, just email us at We welcome you to check back in every now and then and see what we have to offer, we will feature different deals and new items on a regular basis. Happy shopping, browsing, surfing, and studying.

Our Philosophy:

We believe our role is to support the customer and the industry. The customer is of the utmost importance, they are in the fight, or training for the fight, we know what this is like, and we know what is expected out of support channels while in these roles. The industry is also of great value to us, we do not bad mouth other members of the industry for the sake of sales, in fact, if you can't find it here, we will gladly refer you to a dealer that carries an item rather than see you deploy or train at an equipment deficit due to the behavior of a retailer.


Our Product Line:

One thing that you may notice about our website is that we do not have the same cookie cutter composition found with most tactical gear stores. The reason for this is simple, we use what we sell, we know what people are looking for when they do their shopping in preparation for operations and training; whether it's a deployment, being assigned as an instructor, or preparing to head out and do a hike with some friends and family. We seek out products for you that fill niches not found in other places within the industry. We have no problem with taking risks with never before heard of products if we know they successfully fill a need found within the community. The best gear is developed on the grassroots level, it is developed by end users working alone or with designers, and we do not have any problem with representing the end user who is also a product developer.


Our Criteria:

OPT's criteria for selecting gear is based not only on our staff's experiences, but also those of our constituents, friends, and team-mates. We sell gear that lives up to its reputation for survivability and longevity.

What we are NOT:

We are not runway models. We are combat veterans that use or have used what we sell. We do not have gear on our site that looks super cool but provides little or no function to the end user. We believe the gear we sell should be utilitarian, functional, and of a robust build. We are very confident in our methodology, it is time tested and battle proven.



Conceived in Combat. Refined through Training. We highly recommend you contact this guy for tested solutions to your commo problems. 

Antenna Relocation Kits, Vest Mounted antennas, and accessories for the tactical communicator. Handmade in Southern Pines, NC.


Our products don't happen by accident, and they're not born in a design studio. They're built on years of backcountry, engineering, and quality assurance experience. Inspiration usually comes on the trail and multiple iterations are mentally tested and discarded to the beat of hiking boots before pattern making even starts. Designing things conceptually is par for the course in the software industry where Evan started his career. So is refining a "design pattern" or "design principles" to ensure a consistent and functional product. 


Spiritus Systems started as an idea on the side of a mountain in the Hindu Kush: an idea that we could do this better, that we could care about it more, and that we could do it with integrity. This idea was cultivated in B Huts after missions and scribbled down into notebooks under headlamps across multiple combat deployments. We strive everyday to design and manufacture equipment that exceeds the users' expectations and pushes past the industry status quo. All of our equipment is designed with an end state in mind. We spend time with users of various walks of life to form an educated and accurate picture of their needs. Our design philosophy calls on our own military service, user feed back and experience, as well as our advanced United States based manufacturing techniques to bring quality equipment to the marketplace. 


Located near Fort Bragg, there's a small shop that not many know about. With full production capability, that facilitates bringing your product idea to fruition and select gear outfitting many USASOC and JSOC organizations, they have our complete support.
To provide, you, the valued customer, a dedicated manufacturing source capable of providing efficient customer service, high quality production facilities/staff and rapid delivery on a wide range of parts, products or assemblies from a wide range of materials.

Mayhem Syndicate is a group of current and former Military, Law Enforcement Officers, Adventurers, Athletes, Recreational Shooters and Trainers who came together after observing shortcomings in the current state of the concealed carry market.

At the heart of everything we do we look for true, honest function.  We are constantly asking what the true benefit of a product is, and how we can give ourselves, and you, an undeniable advantage in any potential situation.

When we bring a product to market it has been designed and redesigned, tested and retested, questioned and answered, until it is something that we are ready to use for ourselves day in and day out.  



Based out of Salt Lake City Utah Rounds Down Range (RDR) was established in 2010 with a desire to produce a premium line of handmade Kydex holsters, mag carriers & knife sheaths, EDC belts, K9 collars, leads & harnesses for working dogs. Built to professional standards. Ideal for Law Enforcement, Military, Armed Citizens and firearm enthusiasts. 

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