Ready Warrior L.L.C. is a company of current and former SF medics (Green Berets) who are actively creating products to assist ALL military medics in doing their job quickly and accurately.  

Originally created for our personal use, the Drug Reference Guide, Narcotics Guide, and Medic Reference Guide (now copyright pending!) were so well received and requested by other medics in our Special Forces unit, that we had to form an L.L.C. to produce them in the quantities necessary to meet demand and make them available for everyone.

We wrote the guides the way we wanted to read them. This makes the guides easy to read, easy to understand, and gives you only the pertinent information needed for battlefield medicine. Whether you are an 18D, corpsman, 68w or SOCM qualified medic, these guides are designed to make your job easier, period. 

Same team, same fight, same great products.

Since then, we have been lucky enough to find and partner with other Special Operations and First Responder owned and operated companies to offer great medical and tactical products.


The Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical relief to communities in conflict zones around the world, while also developing sustainable long-term medical solutions for their healthcare needs.  By educating and training indigenous medical personnel in the latest standards of care, GSMSG hopes to build the foundation for a lasting self-sufficient healthcare system. 

GSMSG provides all of these services and more regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or creed and is free of cost to those receiving our support.


Fieldcraft Survival was founded in 2016 by two former Green Berets Mike Glover and Kurt Hohan with the intent to instill mindset, better equip, and train the civilian populace. With an over 35 years combined in Special Operations Kurt and Mike spent most of their lives operating in some of the most extreme environments in the world. They have applied their experiences and skillsets to create products and specialized training courses to better prepare you for the worst case scenario.

The CEO of FieldCraft Survival (FCS), Mike Glover spent 20 years in the US Army in various positions including: Weapons Sgt, Sniper, Assaulter, JTAC, Freefall Jump Master, Sniper Team Sgt, Operations SGM. As a Gov. Contractor Mike served in austere environments at the tip of the spear in Counter Terrorism and Special Operations. Mike used his experience in war and in austere environments to start FCS teaching civilians the lessons he learned and training techniques that facilitated his survival. Mike lives in Colorado and holds a Bachelors degree in Crisis Management and Homeland Security.

About Kurt Hohan

Kurt medically retired as a Senior member of Special Operations. He served as a Reconnaissance and Sniper team leader in 3rd Special Forces group. he also served in several positions in the US Army to include: Weapons Sgt, Sniper, Assaulter, Freefall Jump Master, Sniper Assistant Team Sgt. Kurt has a vast background in Counter Terrorism and teaching tactics and specialized techniques to counter terrorism and enhance survival. He lives in Colorado and likes to spend his free time overlanding and camping in the back country. 



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