SOF Veteran Owned & Operated, Unconventional Cannabis is bringing a natural supplement to the frontline on the war against pharmaceuticals in the Veteran community. Their product reviews are incredible and clearly changing lives in the community.
"Our team has experienced the physical, mental, and emotional effects of Veteran specific lifestyles after fulfilling careers both in Special Operations and Conventional military communities. Multiple Deaths, abroad and at home. Endless prescriptions ranging from anti-depressants and opiates to psychotropics. Rage, anxiety, isolation and depression. 
Our mission is to publish precise information to educate the Veteran community on the potential effects CBD can have on symptoms they may experience and deliver a high quality transparent product at a competitive price. We push a mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellness, and will continue encouraging others to do the same.
We have linked up with Phytologists, Extraction Techs, Hemp Cultivators, Medical Professionals, and other Industry experts to provide accurate information and ensure our standards of excellence apply to every phase of operations, from seed to bottle. We relentlessly pursued excellence throughout our careers and will continue doing so in pursuit of helping other Veterans."



I'm a trainer of professional athletes and special operations members. Here at Titan, sponsored Athletes of every major professional organization; NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, WWE, etc., assist with insight and feedback on sport specific development for individual positions of each athletic activity. Olympic athletes from Wrestlers to swimmers are on board to offer the same. 

Tactical athletic advising is operated by current and former special operations members. This is conducted from every branch of SOF (special operations Force) there is, including Army Rangers, SF, Navy Seals, SWCC, EOD, Air Force PJ, CCT, TACP, and Marine Recon and MARSOC. According to specifics of your duty we will create the best regimen of supplements, training, and nutrition.

At Titan, Owner Ryan and all advisors are well experienced, educated, and passionate to provide custom service to each client or customer, based on your unique  genetic, biological makeup. In accords with certifications (NASM, ISSA, ACE) alongside exercise science degrees and/or currently seeking. Sports nutrition and psychology and a host of others to include physicians we work with - are available to you. 

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