With probably one of the best group of hosts in the podcast realm, these guys are providing some solid advice and guidance for the community. 

Military service does not define the person. Our focus is on anyone with a growth mindset (civilian and military) and we are glad you are interested in following us on our journey.

The Mentors for Military Podcast brings real talk from people who want YOU to grow. Grab a chair and your favorite beverage and join in on an awesome topic. Our hosts are military veterans and our guests are real people with a message to share.


Our mission is to promote the Hooker lifestyle.  We are motivated by the smell of JP-8 and the sound of our engine winding up. We are committed to supporting the troops & veterans throughout the skies and on the ground.  That is why we strive to bring you quality entertainment and aviation inspired products.  Hooker Nation represents you!

"While victimhood in America is exalted, I don't think our veterans should join those ranks." -General James Mattis
Dead Reckoning Collective is a media company with a current emphasis on their podcast and blog.
The primary mission is to shine a light on veterans living well. The subjects of their audio case files range from owners of top earning corporations to guys who get up early to cook their kids a balanced breakfast before school. Everyone's definition of success is different but DRC's is simple: If you're taking care of yourself and those around you then you are successful. The idea of their content is to present a positive example for the men and women in and out of the military as well as to present a more accurate image of the post 9/11 veteran for the public.
The secondary mission is to increase literacy in all forms among veterans as well as expose the public to veterans' literary efforts. Whether writing becomes a vocation or just something to be picked up and put down like an old baseball glove, many veterans find reading and writing to be an invaluable outlet and skill set.
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