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Greetings and welcome to all! Evers ForgeWorks is an independent, proudly combat veteran owned organization operating out of Lebanon Ohio. With a passion for detail and function, Evers blades are hand forged and uniquely crafted to meet even the most vigorous of standards and requirements.


Dependable and rugged, Evers blades are systematically customized and constructed with you, the client, forever in mind. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, searching to accommodate the harsh demands of a cattle rancher, or even meet the requirements of the most experienced operators overseas, you can be confident in the versatility and quality of your purchase. No matter the task or conditions, Evers blades have your six. 



We are two brothers who began by building a forge in our backyard and crafting blades as a hobby. We had always been very particular about the knives we used, and could never quite find a design we were looking for.

In time, just as playing soldier in the woods grew into a calling for us both—Cameron became an Army Ranger, Connor a Marine Scout Rifleman—so too did our youthful fascination with blades develop into a serious obsession with knife-making. We grew frustrated seeing teammates wear premium gear and carry customized weapons but rely on a mass-produced knife that was unfit for our mission-specific tasks. This led us to tinker. Our first designs came from improving military-issued and store-bought tactical knives we had accumulated over the years.

But altering these mass-produced knives only took us so far. So we broke free of simply altering existing market knives, and decided to develop designs from scratch to meet all demands of our job. We mined our own experiences and pooled the wisdom of teammates to develop a list of everything we felt a tactical knife needed to be—and began forging.



Half Face Blades was founded by Andrew Arrabito, Navy SEAL (ret.), to meet the need for high-quality, “go to” knives and axes – usable, personalized, functional, versatile tools that work for every person in every walk of life.

Andrew grew up hunting, camping and fishing in the great outdoors. After high school he joined the US Navy, determined to achieve the honor of serving in the United States Navy SEAL Teams. It was during his time in the Teams that Andrew decided to bring the “end user” back to the beginning, to learn blade-smithing. 

From the beginning, Andrew’s goal was to make simple blade designs for consumers who demand the finest products. With his real-world experience in using cutting devices in super-charged action, Andrew understands what will be demanded from his blades. And he makes them to meet those demands.

Half Face Blades knives are designed with the distinction and ruggedness required for the work they are intended to do. Each knife is calculated to meet requirements gained by experience, by testing knives and axes, by using them over time at sea and in remote wildernesses.

HFB knives bring the soul of rugged, dependable, combat knives and tools to a variety of settings - from special operations tools for warriors, hunters and backpackers, to knives for the kitchen and great American workers.

“I wanted each person to have a usable tool, embodied with a warrior’s spirit, that will perform to their needs during their walk in life.”

Because we at HFB believe in giving back to those who have gone before us, those who have given their lives for a greater purpose, we support associated charities and foundations in their fundraising efforts. At present, those charities include, SEAL Future Fund.




I am a retired Sergeant Major with 25 yrs of active duty.  My assignments included the Ranger Regiment, Special Forces, and Special Operations.  I take pride in every knife I make, and I am committed to bringing the best blade to the market that I possibly can.  My blades are field tested, and are currently serving in Afghanistan, Africa, and worldwide.



Harp Leather LLC is a small Veteran owned and operated business making durable handcrafted leather goods and is based out of Fayetteville NC. All products are made by hand. The Leather goods are created using vegetable tanned leathers from Herman Oaks or Wickett & Craig. Harp is a retired Combat Veteran, who retired out of Ft. Bragg NC as a 1SG with 20 years of service in the Army. He did a year of contracting in Afghanistan in support of OEF after he retired, and decided to return stateside to turn his therapeutic hobby of leather working into a business. It is his mission to make affordable quality leather goods for the working class man, bikers, and our military service members. As a Veteran he supports other Veteran owned, as well as small US businesses. Please feel free to check out more of his work by visiting his Instagram feed or Facebook page and we thank you for your support!


Black Triangle provides average citizens and security professionals with low-visibility personal protection assets while traveling domestically and abroad in semi or non-permissive environments. Black Triangle's core leadership is headed by an 11-year Veteran of the Global War on Terror. His experience gained in Iraq and Afghanistan translated to working as a private citizen providing Executive Protection for foreign dignitaries, high net-worth individuals and their families. The protective experience gained in domestic and international environments lends to the creative development of the company. We recognize the capability gaps for average citizens whose security and safety are compromised while abroad. These gaps are addressed in simple, yet effective ways. Our products are currently in use in the continential United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Black Triangle seeks to achieve client-driven results for both the everyman and the professional.

Instagram @BlackTriangleGroup
Facebook @BlackTriangle757


Our Tale

Rustick Knives is a one-man shop run by Jack Stottlemire. Jack served 27 years as a US Marine, Army Paratrooper and Special Operations Soldier retiring as a Sergeant Major at Fort Bragg, NC. He uses military experience along with 14 combat tours to design what works and is practical in a hard use blade. 

Each blade is handcrafted over a long process by Jack, 100% Combat Veteran made in the U.S.A.

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