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A Guerrilla’s Approach is the ability to do more with less. Lacking resources, but through an adaptive mindset, determination, and grit, Guerrillas are capable of performing spectacular feats against impossible odds.

American Special Operations Forces are doctrinally trained as America’s Guerrillas and tip of the spear shock troops. Our Training adapts their lessons learned for application among law enforcement and everyday Americans.

From Aaron Barruga, Founder GA, I joined the military because of 9/11 and served as a Green Beret in the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Group. Whether leading militia fighters in Afghanistan, conducting raids with Iraqi SWAT officers, or training foreign commandos in Asia, I learned an incontestable truth about war: everything comes down to brilliance in the basics.

In Special Forces, I saw a lot of what is done right operationally and in training. However, I also saw a lot of what is done wrong. My training material represents the sum total of both my successes and a failures, and I program those lessons learned into classes that build more resilient first responders, and more capable self-reliant Americans.



At Last Line Canine, we strive to build the necessary bonds with your canine by instilling trust and confidence in each other, without treats or toys. With years of specialty dog training and handling, we're here to help you get the most out of your dog. Schedule a consult now! CEO- CW2 Lee Abbott, US Army, Retired.



During the past 15 years our country has been at war with terror and Special Operations Forces have been at the forefront from the start. During this time, we were forced to “adapt and overcome” to the current and foreseeable future enemy’s tactics. Everything from combat marksmanship to tactics were refined and updated. It was either this or not come home. Needless to say we quickly learned what worked and what did not.
My name is Johnny Primo and I was fortunate enough to be a part of Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) with deployments to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa. I worked with the best warriors this world has to offer and for that I am grateful. During this time, I worked with SOF units from other branches of service as well. This allowed me to train and operate with them.
I will say this, across the board in Special Operations everyone is the same, master the fundamentals and apply them in a very fast manner, no matter the situation.We are ready and willing to train any upstanding citizen as well as Military and Law Enforcement. We will provide combat proven training taught by combat proven Special Operations Veterans.Here is what you can expect from a Courses of Action training course.
  • I will give you everything I have and expect the same in return
  • There is nothing fancy in a firefight, you will train to master the fundamentals
  • You will apply the fundamentals at a fast speed “SOF speed” in various scenarios
  • You are training to protect yourself and your loved ones, not fight on a flat range
  • You will train to a standard and not to a time (even though time will be used to incorporate stress), no shortcuts and no freebies
  • You will be moving and sweating; I do not believe in training without stress involved. The only way to induce stress is moving with a sense of urgency
  • The courses will be fast paced and there will be much learned. The course will not be at a pace that information is not retained
I look forward to training with you and ask three things. Bring the best attitude possible, give me 100% and be ready to train hard.All the best, Primo


The Range Complex (TRC) is a Tier 1  Training facility offering customized training and consulting for military and law enforcement units, government and corporate entities, and private individuals. Our broad spectrum of courses cover both kinetic (marksmanship, tactics, PSD etc.) and non-kinetic (Strategic Communications in the Inter-agency environment, effective writing/presentation skills, media engagement), and can be customized to meet training and budget requirements. We are  located in the Sandhills area of Central East North Carolina, convenient to North Carolina's military installations, about an hour from Raleigh and the S.C. border.


 My name is Ian Strimbeck and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where I conducted training to host nation forces in small-unit tactics as an Infantry Rifleman. During that time I attained experience in combat and security operations and held every position in a fire team from SAW Gunner to Team Leader. I've had the opportunity to have been in multiple high-tension environments during my time in the military and therefore bring back what I've learned to you. From there I spent time working doors at various shady bars until wee hours in the morning which taught me the culture and normalcy of criminal interaction as well as the dynamics of violence and how having a multifaceted skillset is vital for survival. Later on, I worked for an executive protection firm in the greater Boston area providing security for various VIP's, celebrities and international dignitaries.

Runenation is a consulting and education company specializing in the constant growth of the multidisciplinary tactician. Too often in the "gun world," you see individuals who are drawn to a singular tool in lieu of looking at the bigger picture. It isn't solely about the gun, blade, grappling, striking, medical, fitness, or verbal acuity. It's a constantly evolving skillset that you put a varying amount of effort into throughout your life. Like the rings on a tree trunk , it will grow as long as you put in the necessary effort. I'm constantly evolving how I teach so as to bring the best knowledge to my students which will therefore allow them to be better able to answer the call if violence is the only option. We are more than happy to provide the offered training and customized training to any law abiding citizen, law enforcement officer, military and security professional.

I hope to see you all out on the range. In the meantime train hard, train often and train to live. Remember, no one is coming to save you. 

-Ian Strimbeck, Runenation Founder



In my more than a decade long special operations career, I was fortunate enough to serve with soldiers and instructors who were invested in my success, and as such have benefited from the years of experience that each of them had. One thing I have learned is that no shooter is the same. Fundamentals are a constant in this profession. With that said, each person has to tailor training and techniques to fit their particular needs. By programming training to maximize the learning curve, we can get customers from their current level of performance to a higher one much quicker. 

In my Army career I've been deployed numerous times to combat zones and had other unique experiences that bring a different perspective to training. I've seen what bad training can do to a team and individual, and I've seen what good training can do for those same people. My methodology is based on my real world experience, training, and lessons learned along the way. I believe you can learn something from everyone, and shouldn't dismiss something new because it is outside of our comfort level, as long as it makes us more lethal and achieves our end state.  Everything we do on the flat range translates to its "real world" application. There are things that look cool, and there are things that perform when we need them to. Our training is meant to perform when it counts. 

My core tenets of training are

  1. Provide as much one-on-one feedback possible.
  2. Be invested in students.
  3. Know why a student is attending the training.
  4. Know what they need to get from training.
  5. Be open.
  6. Provide "why" I teach what I do.
  7. Understand each shooter's level of proficiency.
  8. Refine the basics to support progress.
  9. Maximize economy of motion
  10. Who wins the fight, is who gets accurate shots on target the fastest. 

In training you can expect me to give the personal attention to your success that others have afforded me in my career. From you, I expect you to bring an open mind and be motivated to learn from each class. When it's time to work, it's time to work.

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