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We are US Army Special Operations Veterans who want to highlight small businesses, foundations, organizations,, and events in the Veteran community. Our platform serves as a directory of vetted organizations, categorized by industry.

There are no Quid Pro Quo deals, sponsorships, or paid advertising spots.

These companies have proven, time and again, that they deliver quality products/services and give back to the community in all that they do. 


Click here to learn more about supporting vetted Veteran foundations that actually benefit the community.

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Click to learn more about vetted Instructors for your personal or organizational training needs.

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Veteran Apparel, solid companies doing great things for the community.

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Sharp Tools

Veteran blacksmiths making some of the finest sharp tools in the industry.

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Everyone loves coffee. With so many companies to choose from, who do you support? Check these guys out as their roasts are incredible, but what they are doing for the community is even better.

SHow me Coffee


From natural supplements to endurance formulas, check out who is fueling our nations best.

GEt Healthy

Small Batch|Custom

Art, Custom Small Batch Products, Woodworking, and more.

Show Incredible Work


Vetted, one stop shops for all of your operational and range needs. There's a reason special operations personnel shop with these guys.

SHow me gear


Meditation, Mindfulness, Holistic health, Yoga, and other themes to keep your life balanced.

More ZEN


Gotta be fit to thrive. See who is putting out proven training methods.

Get FIt


Be prepared. Save someone. Save yourself. Learn how to be a force multiplier or obtain the tools necessary for the job.

Save Lives


Stories need to be told, lessons need to be learned. Shared experiences and culture.



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