Mission | Vision | Philosophy

Slate Operations was founded by Special Operations Veterans. Unique experiences in the military and a passion for the outdoors drives our mission.

It's pretty simple.

Our goal is to provide high quality gear and apparel that will stand up to the elements, while giving back to our community in the process. We are a lifestyle company working to show that time spent in the outdoors will have a profound & positive effect on your lives. 

When you cut ties with the day to day grind and put in the effort to enjoy the outdoors, your mental and physical health drastically improves. This is essential for those dealing with greater stressors in life. It is something we live for, and encourage, as often as possible. 

10% of all proceeds are donated to an awesome organization, Gold Star Teen Adventures (GSTA). Click the banner above to learn more about GTSA or support them, as they absolutely deserve. We believe in giving back to our community and that concept will never change. 

Lastly, thank you for your support. We truly appreciate it.  We don't want to be viewed as just a company, but more of a community, so interact with us on social media.


Rangers Lead The Way